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Playing with paint
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21 November 2011

Memory Lane Monday - Needle Painting

While studying under Debbie Mercer, one of her workshops was on needlepainting, and these two pictures are from the "meadow" series.  I apologise for the standard of the photos they were taken under glass.
The idea came from a book by Sue Newhouse called Creative Hand Embroidery.
Worked this at the workshop

 The embroidery is on painted pure silk fabric.  The painting of the sky was done with diluted water colours... or acrylic plus water colour medium....For the flowers and some of the grasses we again painted various colour onto a piece of the silk, then stiffened it with 'aquadhere'.   when the silk was dry  it was like paper and we then cut out shapes and stitched them onto the picture.  In the front/bottom of the pictures the grasses are worked in turkey stitch, and when cut allowed to flow over the matt inside the frame.

As you can see we used a variety of stitches and threads to achieve effects.  The background meadow was worked in  a single thread of silk Au Ver a Soie which is beautiful to work with.

On my needlepainting journey I also created another, which I think everyone has seen already, but I would like to  post it again here so I can have a record on this blog.

This needlepainting was one I did while studying under the lovely Ada in Maryborough who I have mentioned before.   We were given the opportunity to choose a picture from her collection kept from old magazines.  Being a "newbie" in the group at the time I stood back, and the picture left was what I used for this embroidery.
West Australian Wattle

These are some close ups of the wattle bloom and the grasses.  All the embroidery was worked in wool thread on linen fabric. I have used quite a few different shades of lemon and gold for the wattle, but where the blooms are in shadow I have used lavender shades. The trunk and branches are in shades of black and dark greys, with touches of lighter greys, and is worked as a raised stem stich.  The outer branches and twigs are worked in couched single threads.
I stopped counting the knots at 2000

I hope everyone who visits, enjoyed this week's little journey down Memory Lane Monday.


  1. Hello Shirley, I did not ever see these lovely stitching projects. I think it is wonderful to combing the watercolor with thread painting. LOVE it and you always create such very lovely projects. Thanks for sharing. hugs Judy

  2. re just a magnificent stitcher!!! I used to do more of it, but have decided I enjoy paper more now. I just love seeing what you create!!!

  3. Beautiful embroidered landscapes Shirley, and thanks for sharing them on here. I always enjoy your Monday Memories. I NEVER tire of such beautiful work. I don't have that little book, always thought about buying it, but never did. I love your foregrounds, just beautiful. Very hot here, hope it's not so with you.

  4. Certainly a lovely walk down memory lane. These works are unforgettable anyway.... Di.

  5. Wow Shirley your needlepainting pieces are stunning. There is so much to learn about using needle and threads.

    I thought I was already a follower of your blog, but wasn't so just joined now so that I can keep up with what is going on in your part of the world. Plus your work is inspiring to me.

    Have a great week and I'll answer you email later.


  6. Beautiful embroidered pictures and what a treasure to have. Debbie Mercer is an amazing teacher and I would love to do a class with her again one day. Take care.

  7. Most wonderful, Shirley, to see this wattle tree again and your other embroideries. You are the master. I never saw such beautiful stitching.

  8. Many thanks my dear shirley. These works are great!!!!!!!!

  9. OMG 2000!! and could keep counting!!!

  10. Great embroideries Shirley,....your work as usual, is spectacular. I've seen some of Debbie's work at AllThreads and would love to take a class with her. I have a book similar to yours by an English embroiderer, Liz Maidment and have a project from that on the never ending "to do" list !!!!

  11. I've never seen a wattle tree. Yours looks absolutely fabulous.