Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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19 October 2011

Away again

For some years now I have been involved in Twin Research Studies, and I had another invitation to take part in one on Monday  covering Ageing and Mental Health.  

it was a really interesting day, and the interviewer was a delightful lady, who was very patient with my failing memory of dates and events.

I did get so play with blocks and puzzles, tasks which I think I performed ok, so maybe that means I will do very well in my second childhood. Sorry no photos of me doing that as we were in a Government building.

Another friend had come to visit from Brisbane on Friday, so I travelled back in the bus with her on sunday, and stayed with them overnight. My friend is not a craftsperson, but she loves to shop, so I have no photos of that either because we were too busy shopping. 

Just after dinner on Sunday night, there was a thump on the roof, which turned out to be their friendly possum who they feed every night with fruit slices. i did take a photo of it, but was too freaked out to take a photo of the huge spider that crawled up onto the bed I was to sleep in so can't show photos of that either.....besides he was too close to where the camera was as well.....and yes he did get dispatched to spider heaven.

Isn't he cute


  1. Testing testing testing Shirley

  2. Hello Shirley, Your possum looks sorta like our raccoon. Your blackwork is sooooo very lovely. You are a stitching master. I have never tried this kind of work before but you tempt me. VBG Have a great day. Hugs Judy

  3. He is cute, the possum, an animal we do not have in Europe. You shot a great photo

  4. Possums are so cute when they are in trees, not so much if they decide to take up residence in your roof cavity..........LOL..... Seriously, it's lovely to see one, as we don't see them much here anymore, not enough trees close to the houses.

    Interesting to hear about your 'twin study'. Hope you enjoyed playing blocks and puzzles.

    So sorry to hear about the spider episode. I am not scared stiff of them but would rather they stay outside!!

  5. I agree with Linda, possums are cute in trees, but thundering over the roof at night with hobnailed boots.........DEFINITELY NO. Actually we haven't had much possum activity since we lost our large tree last year! Love your blackwork embroidery. Cheers

  6. Hi Shirley,

    I had to come by and visit you to see who my newest follower was...and it's you!! How nice of you to follow me!!
    I was looking at all of the wonderful things that you make. I love the black work that you do!!
    It is very nice meeting you! I am going to follow you as well.:)

    A pleasant day to you my new friend...
    oh, and, I don't care for spiders either!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  7. Hi, Shirley. Enjoyed your Memory Lane posts and loved the teddy bear. Do you have more? Oh, please show them! I'm re-doing a small teddy by adding patches on top of his worn fur. So I really liked your teddy with all the embellishments--boggles the mind!
    best, nadia