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Playing with paint
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31 October 2011

Down Memory Lane Monday - Silk Ribbon

When I was at the height of my passion for silk ribbon embroidery  I did not have a digital camera and only have old style  photos of my earlier work.  A lot has been given away, or sold, but I have a few pics of some of it. The photos below are but the tip of the iceberg.

To say I was hooked is an understatement, and if I had the money I have spent  on silk ribbon today, I would be substantially better off but would not have enjoyed the thrill of working with the medium.. knowing me though I probably would have spent it on threads or linen

So enjoy my photos on this Down Memory Lane Monday.

Very first silk ribbon embroidery lessons
silk ribbon and threads
This was my Dad's favourite

another little posy

I used a lot of silk ribbon in CQ
Inside the lid of a jewel box
There more more samples of how I have used silk ribbon embroidery in my reef pictures as well.  In fact silk ribbon is a medium that lends itself to a myriad of uses.  If you want to see some wonderful silk ribbon embroidery and tutorials visit Carol Daisy on her blog here

I will leave with a photo of my silk ribbon stash....and yes I know I need my fingers smacked....promise I will get round to tidying them up.


  1. Beautiful work, Shirley! I love the jewelery box garden, and your father's favorite bouquet, too. I'm just beginning to try SRE. How long have you been 'silking'?
    That's a nice stash! What? You iron them before you decide which ones to use? ha. lol

  2. I am so happy you had a few pictures of your earlier ribbon work, Shirley!!! They were so beautiful!

  3. I love them all Shirley, and fully understand the passion silk ribbon evokes. I too have a substantial cache scattered hither and yon throughout the boxes/cupboards. I used it for all sorts of projects too, and was especially fond of the work of Helen Dafter, still am!! Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces. I enjoy seeing your earlier work Shirley.

  4. omg!!!and good you've kept some photos

  5. I love your Stash Shirley--I have one very similar or maybe larger.
    I find SRE very theraputic--but my fingers don't.

  6. Oh Wow... your silk ribbon work is just beautiful. The garden inside the jewellery box is my favourite. There are so many beautiful ribbons and threads out there these days... so addictive!

  7. Good Day Shirley, Of course you silk ribbon embroidery would be very very lovely like all your other stitching skills. Such very very pretty ribbonwork. My favorite is on your CQ blocks. Thanks for sharing. I always admire and enjoy seeing your stitching. Hugs Judy

  8. Enjoyed going down memory lane with you.

  9. What a wonderful embroidery Shirley, you're very good !!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a great artist!!!
    See you soon