Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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13 October 2011

My friend Jann

I met this lovely lady about 7 years ago, and because we were both a bit crazy, both loved painting , and liked "making stuff" we hit it off right away and became firm friends. I ended up teaching her embroidery stitches and in return I was rewarded with her bright and happy company. She is a very talented lady, and a very quick learner and meticulous in what she does.
a friend indeed
Recently Jann said she would like  to make a couple of quilts  with applique trucks on them and asked if she could come for a visit so I could "show her the ropes"
Well I now have a friend who is in love with visofix. Jann  is so happy to learn about it, and only needed to be shown once and was away. A cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler are next on her shopping list too.   I just love her enthusiasm for learning new things.

first block ready for hand stitching.
We did have a great few days, sewing, eating, talking, and of course much needed sleeping.... and did I mention eating.....oh and there were a couple of glasses of wine thrown in there too......
When we first met, and Jann discovered  my collection of fabric doll patterns she made these..

Jann's first attempt at CQ

I have Di coming to sew today, and another friend coming for the weekend, so I will never be lonely while I have friends like these.


  1. Shirley, thank you so much for sharing 'your friend' with us. She looks extremely enthusiastic about her crafting. I am sure you had a wonderful time, and that Jann will appreciate your help. I love her CQ bag, just exquisite. Have a lovely time stitching with Di. A little bit bleak here at the moment. Take care.

  2. Oh, I wish I lived closer, Shirley! Jenn surely appears to be having a great could she not!

  3. How refreshing to have the company of someone who loves the things you love. Glad you had a nice time with Jann and hope we can all get together next time for real good ol' 'sew in'. Di. P.S. I love vleisofix too!!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have good friends with whom to create wonderful memories?!
    Jann's CQ is lovely!

  5. What would we do without friends like this? There's nothing better than spending time with people of like minds. Enjoy your friendship!

  6. And I am taking part in all from far away, Shirley, it is fun to read!

  7. You really are lucky to have such nice friend, who share your hobby with you :)