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Playing with paint
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07 October 2011

New Stitcher in Town

At the recent Toowoomba Qulters show, one of  the traders had a stand selling their wonderful patterns for paper piecing.  There  were continues demonstrations by Shannon of their hand piecing from their 'playing  with paper packs'.

The sample quilts, wall hangings, and othere designs were exquisite.

The most interesting thing about these demonstrations, to me,  was was fascinating to see a "blokey" man stitching the fine pieces of fabric together with that tiny  needle and thread.  It turned out that Greg, who was probably only there to do the heavy lifting in the first place, became a bit bored with just keeping  Shannon company.  After 3 days of this he wanted to "do" something, so Shannon taught him the hand piecing.

When I saw him he had been doing this for only 1 day, and I am convinced you would not find neater, finer stitching anywhere by any lady.  His stitches were so tiny you almost needed a magnifying glass to see them. 

Greg concentrating on his stitching and Shannon
Watch out ladies there  is a new stitcher  in town...and can he sew.....yes he certainly can! 

What quilting lady would not love to have a hubby like this to help out with her hand stitching.

If you would like to read a full report on the quilts and the traders go to the Toowoomba Quilters site. here where you will find links to the traders,  see the range of beautiful quilts, as well as winners of the raffles.

Meanwhile, I have  also included a photo of my friend Dianne with her leaf quilt and standing at  the sales table which was full of the most wondrous work and gifts  to buy..


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see that man taking an interest in something so apart from the male image. I hope he continues to stitch, it may serve him well in his retirement!! I remember a male cousin who could knit better than any of his female siblings.

    Love quilt and photo of Di, and she did an enormous job organizing and manning the sales table. The TQ report on their blog was a good read too.

    Thanks for sharing these photographs Shirley, very interesting.

  2. How funny to see a bloke's bloke sitting with a needle and thread in hand. I guess if he was stuck there with nothing to do he was certainly making good use of hs spare time. I bet he is going to end up with something lovely at the end of it.
    The quilt show looks lovely, I hope you had a good day

  3. Hi Shirley, thanks for the pics - it is always so good to see what others are doing. I don't quilt but I am always interested in the wonderful creations.

  4. How wonderful to spend time at the quilt show. It is nice to see men enjoying needle crafts. I love your friend's leaf quilt.

  5. Greg was a real trooper. He seemed to enjoy his week stitching away the time. His stitching was so tiny and neat.