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Playing with paint
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18 October 2011

Memory Lane Monday- Blackwork

Hi ladies, time for another "Down Memory Lane" post.   Oops! Who was that said today was not Monday....well so it isn't.  Never mind, I have been away so it wont matter being a day late.

This week I wanted to add some photos of  blackwork from my old blog. Blackwork  is another style of embroidery I learned from Ada who I have mentioned before.  I have just begun a bag with Blackwork in colour on the front, but it is too early to show.

Below are a few  photos from my old blog of projects I have worked on in the past.

Blackwork chesspiece. i will put up the individual designs at a later date.
The chesspiece set into a glass top table

A bag I use to keep my black perle threads in
needlecase decorated with blackwork

Contemporary blackwork inspired by Pat Langford

2 of several bookmarks I made with some in colour
blackwork in colour


  1. these are awesome, but perhaps if i needed to choose a fave i think it would be the contemporary piece.

  2. Your blackwork is inspiring. Would love to do some one day. I like both the contemporary and the traditional. The chess table top is amazing. Di.

  3. Blackwork is another one of the many things that are on my 'want to do' list and hopefully someday I will get around to it. Your chess board is incredible!

  4. I like to see your work, Shirley. It's nice to know your skills background, too, as I find it interesting to see what 'old' skills lead to new works. I'm interested in all forms of embroidery.

  5. Your blackwork is beautiful, Shirley. You did a lot of it.

  6. I love Blackwork Shirley, as you well know. I think the chess piece is amazing, and would love to have one of those myself. What a great idea to make a little blackwork bag just for your black threads - sort of for the stitching girl who has everything........LOL...... The contemporary piece is cool too. Pat Langford was an inspiring embroiderer.

  7. Shirley...somehow I lost you when you moved to your new blog! I kept wondering where you went. Thanks for your comment on my grandsons embroidery! It was so cool, because he really actually enjoyed it! I was so thrilled!

    Good to see you again, Shirley...and I must say I have never seen blackwork and it is stunning!!! It is inspiring to me, and I am feeling as though I must try it out. When I will definitely be on my blog!

    Take care Shirley!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  8. I love the blackwork!!! I have everything I need put away for a blackwork chessboard; I am thinking of doing it for my son when he finishes his VCE. Thankfully I have plenty of time. As he will be off to university and then to who knows where; I am planning on framing mine instead of putting it into a table so it is more portable for him.
    I love what you have done, it is all so lovely.