Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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24 October 2011

Down Memory Lane Monday - creative embroidery

I have no doubt a lot of my followers will remember these creative embroidery pictures.  Creative embroidery allows you a lot of freedom to go wherever the fancy takes you, which suits me because I am more comfortable with being able to please myself on which direction I take.

Creative embroidery also allows a free rein when it comes to using stitches from other techniques in a different way.

this was an exercise in applique and I used a seed pod for a design.  I then cut it out and frayed the linen edges and....

turned it  into this

with the taffeta 'flowers' and burnt the edges with a candle to melt them.  the leaves are threads sprinkled onto silk and covered with organdie fused over the threads.

I used various threads to demonstrate some stitches, and turned it into a wild abstract garden
An exercise in couching I called this "Night Wave"

My stitchin fingers friends will remember this .  It is a needlepainting of a West Australian Wattle tree.  I lost count of the french knots when I got to 2000...there are knots on knots to give it a textured look and give dimension to the picture. The I used wool threads, mainly, with a change in some of the grasses.   The background is linen.   I like the way  this  shows up the vastness of the countryside over in the West with the effect of the wide expanse of blue sky.

More next week


  1. Hey, Shirley, your creative embroidery stitches are truly beautiful. Love the flower garden and the couching exercise one is fantastic. You are a master of stitching Shirley. Hugs Judy

  2. Hi Shirley. Your story about your Dad touched me...and since we had a few parallels to our stories, I bopped over to your blog to get to know you a little better. You are a beautiful beautiful stitcher. I'm so glad to have connected through tea. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to tell me a bit of your story...

  3. Oh, Shirley these are amazing!!! How do you get a background like in the last looks like a you do a transfer image then embroider on top? It is just fantastic!!! That is one hellofalot of french knots!!! Oh dang!

  4. Oh Shirley wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Your embroidery are works of art, I've never seen anything like this before.
    I add it to your followers, I invite you to become my followers, I would be a great pleasure !!!!!!
    Kisses, kisses

  5. I love the freedom expressed in your wild abstract garden, and wow! how unique to turn a couching experiment into a wave! That's creative! The last pic of the wattle tree I first thought was a photo! I can only imagine the texture it must have, and the layers to read as 3-d. I am so impressed with these works you've been sharing. Thank you.

  6. I can see I am well behind here! Where does the time go?
    Beautiful work, Shirley. I love your embroideries in this post, the one with the tree is fantastic!

  7. What a great post! So many beautiful examples of really nice stitching. The freeform garden is wonderful and it has such an excitment to it. The Wattle Tree....WOW the dimension is fantastic, I can imagine it is something to see in person.

  8. Hi Shirley, these are all lovely. I know what you mean about the freedom from creative embroidery. I particularly love the wattle tree though, it looks so lifelike.

    Thanks for sharing these again, I did miss some of them here and there. I am thoroughly enjoying your Memory Mondays. Take care.

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I looked around on your blog. You are such a creative lady, my goodnesss you make gorgeous things. This post gives me so many ideas....

  10. Except for the wattle tree your embroidery is new for me. Wonderful, wonderful! My mouth wide open I am looking at your lovely embroidery.
    Thank you so much for showing it.

  11. Your blog is fantastic Shirley........the stitching is brilliant and I love your stories....keep well xx

  12. I enjoy looking at your creative embroidery pictures. The Night Wave and Wattle Tree look like paintings with texture - so awesome. :)

  13. They are all smashing, but I really love French knots so I think the tree is my favourite.

  14. Simply beautiful...lovely work!

  15. Hay,

    Your blog is so nice..
    And I will follow your blog.
    Please take a look into my world.

    Love and happinesssss...