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Playing with paint
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23 September 2011

The Carnival is Over

It is the last of the Carnival this weekend when everyone who is involved with exhibits and venues will be packing up.  I do hope the groups of people who run the displays have had a very enjoyable week, and also a profitable one for their members.
Queens Park Gardens are a picture, with so many varieties of flowers, and varieties of colour of the flowers as well.  My friend Di took me to see these beautiful floral displays on Wednesday.  

The tulips were just beautiful they are such an elegant flower.

Then there were the poppies, these beauties evoked memories of my father's gardens when we were children. He was a keen gardener and grew all the cottage garden flowers, and even sold them to the flower shops in town.

the mixed displays were a riot of colour
There were so many ranunculas, snapdragons, violas, delphiniums and petunias, real cottage garden flowers.  The whole display is a credit to those who created it.

This camelia was by the pathway as we walked into the gardens.  It is so soft and lovely.
I will finish off with a picture of my DIL's favourite flower...the magnolia.

Still getting to the quilts girls, but thought I would wait until Di blogs about them...she is the expert on which quilts are which.  Then I will do a little post.  Poor love is probably still working packing up the displays and the sales tables with the other members of the quilt group at the venue.  

This has been an even not to be missed even though it has taken me 20 years to get here.


  1. I do not think I have met a woman to date, that has not been a lover of flowers!
    What a sweet medley you've showcased here! It has been a pleasure to meet and follow you.

    I hope you visit with me often, and gain inspiration each time you come by!

    Ciao Bella!


  2. So happy you enjoyed it, Shirley. The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing those beautiful photos!

    Best wishes,