Playing with paint

Playing with paint
abstract art

29 September 2011

Mr Gremlin Has Been Working to Fix What He Broke.

Wow I cant believe it...after all the frustration something magic posts are showing up now in my reading list.   I cant believe it ....thank you Mr Little Gremlin, for fixing what you broke.  I can rest easy now, knowing I have not been cut off forever from my blogging friends.  I checked and double checked everything that I did, and then I tried the new blogger.

I promise I will be good Mr Blogger Gremlin and not touch anything I shouldn't ever again.

No photos of me grinning like a cheshire cat, so hope this creative applique will do.

Any chance you can now fix my followers and stop them appearing and then disappearing Mr. Blogger Gremlin.


  1. Hi Shirley! I am your friend, again. The applique is beautiful and so is your lovely face!

  2. Hi Shirley, I'm so pleased that you've finally got it all sorted out. Technology is grand if it is working!! This blog is so restful, I just love everything about it.