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Playing with paint
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21 September 2011

Trip Away

back yard "before" photo
Does anyone remember the photos I posted of the back yard at my son's and his wife's home when I hurt my knee. He has  has worked very hard turning the back garden from a virtual wilderness into a nice peaceful setting that they can enjoy.   He has done an amazing job with a lot of backbreaking work.

The back garden has now been transformed.  He dug out the terraces with a mattock, (pick axe) and built the retaining walls and steps all himself. All the materials he carted up this slope below.I could not even turn the heavy sleepers over let alone lift them.  He is a very strong lad.

Here he is building the last of the retaining walls below

That is a long pipe spraying the soil then the mulch onto the gardens.  It was amazing to see
Because of that slope, and after carting up timber and turf, he reneged at bringing up the extra soil in bags to fill the terraces, so they got some people to pump it up from a truck in the front driveway.  It was all very interesting

This is the end result. There is a seat at the top of the steps to sit and look over the garden.  The top terrace will be the vegetable garden...interspersed with fruit trees and the one below it is turfed and is a path.  There are lots of flowers awaiting spring and it will be a picture when they all bloom.
No photos of my trips to that family  would be complete without a photo of the "children".  They are both growing up and becoming a lot more sedate, but they do take up a lot of room on the couch and now have 'double' size dog beds to sleep on.
Chloe on left and beautiful Beau.  He is a rescue dog and very loving and gentle

They are beautiful dogs and just love Nana....I left a dressing gown there from the first time I saw them, and as soon as I put it on, they get so excited.  I think they recognise that the green dressing gown is the thing that gives them  'treats'

And of course the other 'children' are not so well behaved when having  their photos taken.


  1. Goodness, Shirley, what a lot of work, and such a professional job too. They will be very proud of it all I'm sure, and I can see by the 'bones' that it has the makings of a lovely garden. Love the dogs, and great to see some of your holiday shots.

  2. Wow, you work is amazing. Many of your pieces look like the sea. Laughed out loud at the kids photos and love your sweet doggies. I also have rescue pups. They are the best. So glad you stopped by my blog.

  3. Lovely, lovely, Shirley, I love your new blog. Your son's work is excellent, I know what that means: to build a garden. Photos are lovely, too. The "children" are sweet and the photo of the "real ones" is very funny.
    I enjoyed it.