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Playing with paint
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21 September 2011

Tuesdays Outing

Yesterday Di and I went off to view the parks and some of the exhibits of the carnival.  This is my first time, and I must say I was blown away by the colours, and the flowers.  The people who plan this carnival have it all down the the nth degree.  After such a cold and windy winter, who could have expected the flowers to bloom just at the right time. This is a sample of what we saw. It was an amazing experience.

and a mosaic of all the photos.
Di and I enjoyed a "have a heart" ice cream while wandering round the gardens.

We also visited the Teapot Extravaganza.  This gave us an insight into all the lovely teapots and tea sets that were used in the past  when the taking of tea was an art form.  However, after taking just these photos my camera batteries decided to go flat so I only have the character teapots.  Di has some more on her blog

After lunch we visited the exhibit put on by the spinners and weavers and I bought this great beret.   It is the start of my winter wardrobe for 2012.  I like the flower on the front.  It is hand crocheted from handspun wool.

The work of the ladies is just extraordinary with such lovely scarves and hats, and beautifully knitted shawls and felted jewellery.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the quilt show, and will make a separate blog about that.   The quilts are just amazing.The last photo I have called 'a rose by any other name"....ha ha. This is a garden of pansies....what an assortment of colours there were.


  1. Oh, Shirley, What truly lovely displays of flower. Loved them all. Seeing your and Di eating your "Heart" ice cream really made me smile allot. I am sure they were very yummie. The Tea Pot display I really enjoyed seeing. They are all sooo very unique. Shirley you look so very very happy sitting by the display of Pansies. Seeing you so happy makes me HAPPY too. Hugs Judy

  2. What a lovely bright blog you have! The photographs of the flowers are glorious, you both must have had a such a pleasant day!
    Those photographs would translate well into stitch, I'd love to see if you try some.
    Wishes and stitches
    Barbara(a.k.a. Hopscotch ;)

  3. WOW! Shirley.This is breath taking.Beautiful arrangements of flowers.The tea pots looks so cute.It was a feast to the eyes.Thanks for sharing such lovely things Shirley...

  4. What a lovely lot of colour the gardens are displaying this year - just magnificent. Thanks for sharing it with readers. What is it about a 'Have-a-Heart'.......... my absolute favourite. Hubby and I always seem to have one when out. You both look so glamorous in your dolled up clapper my dear, great to see. Love that beret.

  5. Hi Shirley - I'm trying to comment yet again!!!!
    Have lost one so far .... if this gets through I'll add more, Connie, x