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Playing with paint
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29 September 2011

Technology Help Please

I need to ask a favour.   Can anyone let me know whether they can read my posts and in their reading lists on their dashboard or through google reader.

I cannot for the life of me remember whether I am supposed to be able to read them in the reading list of my own dashboard, although the post about the reef pictures and the Carnival are there.

Yes I have been fiddling....and yes I did think of the fact that if I have done something and no one can see them, then I am not going to get a reply to this anyway.....

Does this describe anyone else please, or am I alone:

Make changes......find out you should not have pushed that button....want to go back but cant remember what you did in the first place to cause the problem you now have......
Is there anyone game to admit to that

If not I must be the oldest of all and everyone is still young with all their faculties and memory still intact.

Help wanted please.


  1. I've just checked my reading list, and this was not on it, although Knackful Knitter's post was there, only 4 minutes after posting. Perhaps certain blogs have a little delay. I totally understand your frustration, as I find it hard to remember the 'good' things I do on this thing, especially in PS and GIMP!! I expect this post will turn up in my reader soon. I have seen some of your comments on other blogs, so they must be showing up. Hope you come to grips with it soon. Cheers.

  2. HeeHee-You sound like me.!Thanks for visiting me and your sweet words.

  3. You are in my reader list but my posts are not in my reader list. In order for me to see my own posts, I have to open my blog.
    I hope I've can be such a pain when things like working with a computer don't go as we plan.
    Hugs, Maria

  4. I see you Google Reader. But, happy it's all fixed now.
    Ummm, I've done that, too. (sheepish grin)